How MADE works

MADE is a model based technology – where each block in the model is associated with key attributes / parameters including the functional description, failure information, criticality of each (cause, mechanism, fault, symptoms), etc.

MADE can be used to model the functional requirements of a platform of a design (at all stages in the design process) or for legacy equipment. As the design matures to the point where specific equipment is identified, indenture levels can be added to the model for the systems, sub-systems, assemblies, components and parts (if required for analysis). The ability to rapidly generate or update the system model means that it is possible to introduce configuration management of the analysis process – particularly difficult to achieve with spreadsheet based tools.

Model-Based RAMS

The MADE platform enables the user to easily create a digital duplicate of a physical asset, which is also called a Digital Risk Twin (DRT or RAMS Digital Model). The twin is created in MADE's modeling canvas where each block in the model is defined by a number of key attributes or parameters including the functional description, failure information, criticality of each component and the relationship to other components in the model (cause, mechanism, fault, symptoms) etc.
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FMEA Report

Failure Mode Effect Analysis [FMEA]

MADE's model-based approach gives it a unique advantage in performing FMEA analyses, introducing automation, objectivity and consistency in analysis. MADE FMEAs use a structured approach that is consistent with international standards and guidelines (MIL, SAE, ISO) and is the recommended approach in ARP4761 & ARP4754 guidelines.
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FMEA Report

Fault Tree Analysis [FTA]

MADE's approach to Fault Tree Analysis enables a user to rapidly identify and navigate between different top effects allowing the user to focus on prioritising and addressing issues during the design process rather than attempting retrospective engineering changes.
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Fault Tree Analysis