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The MADE platform is a model-based RAMS tool that rapidly creates a Digital RAMS Twin of your system, optimizing your RAMS processes and analyses, better informing your engineering design decisions and increasing confidence that your system will perform as designed.

RAMS 2024 Industry Survey

Industry leaders using MADE: Nasa Siemens US Army Navatia Siemens General Dynamics Land Systems KBR Ocean Infinity
Mitigate technical engineering based risks that impact performance, operational availability and the cost of maintenance using modelling, analysis and decision support workflows.

Decisions better MADE.

MADE Platform

Model-based RAMS Simulation
The future of engineering design & operations begins with simulated risk analysis at the design phase with the MADE Platform. MADE uses a Digital Risk Twin to capture the domain knowledge of your engineers and automate the analyses of your technical risk with the Data Discipline necessary to accelerate your design process.

MODE Platform

MODE Platform

Causation AI based Sustainment
Capture, analyse and leverage failure data from fielded systems, so you can optimize the Readiness and Cost of Ownership of your system. MODE uses advanced AI to provide real-time Fault Detection & Diagnostics, rapid failure analysis, and optimzed operational Availability to achieve your mission requirements and budget.

MODE Platform

PHM Technology Ecosystem

The PHM Technology (PHMT) Ecosystem is the next step in your RAMS digital transformation. Our ecosystem combines the MADE & MODE software platforms via our Digital RAMS Backbone bringing together the design and operations phases. Designed for complex, mission critical asset our ecosystem closes the design loop, providing risk mitigation and optimization for the reliability and safety of a system at each stage in the product life-cycle.

PHM Technology Ecosystem

Power of the PHM Ecosystem

Asset value
Unlock Asset Value

Unlock value (improved reliability, availability, maintainability & safety) in your asset that is not achievable with traditional RAMS methods.

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Reduce Errors

Utilize a common taxonomy through the life of a project and reduce communication errors between disciplines.

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Knowledge Capture

Capture & protect the knowledge in your project by efficiently digitising your RAMS data & analyses within your system models.

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Fast & Repeatable

Perform key RAMS analyses with one click, reliably and consistently preserving the integrity of your analyses between design iterations.

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Product Leadership

Get out in-front of your competitors with improved RAMS system design, & performance providing superior system reliability, availability, maintability & safety.

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Cause Identification

Understand the cause of failures in your system using our failure depency maps & our Causation-based AI, allowing you to more reliably predict failures & optimise maintenance.

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Optimised Maintenance

Our RAMS Model-based approach will optimise your maintenance, reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your system.

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Predict Failures

Sydndrome Diagnostics (SD) utilizes our Digital Risk Twin (DRT) to predict crticial system failures before they happen, reducing unplanned downtime.

Why Choose MADE For Your RAMS?

Digital Risk Twin

MADE uses extensive libraries to create a digital representation of a physical system that is able to identify, analyse and mitigate technical engineering risk in complex mission-critical systems.

Fast & Repeatable

Optimizing your system design to achieve your RAMS requirements shouldn’t be complicated to manage, track, or perform consistently across design iterations. MADE’s model-based approach simulates risk analysis rapidly and consistently performing key RAMS analyses with a level of integrity that enable systems to achieve hyper-performance.

Single Source of Truth

A single source of truth in model-based analyses ensures that all stakeholders rely on a consistent and authoritative dataset, minimizing the risk of conflicting or unreliable information. This central data repository forms the foundation for robust decision-making, promoting transparency and accuracy in analytical outcomes.

Automated & Objective

Identifying all your system risks should not be hit and miss. MADE’s model-based approach objectively identifies risks associated with your system at the earliest possible design stage, giving your team the opportunity to cost effectively design out failures or high demand maintenance strategies.

Close the Loop

Our platforms work together to close the RAMS design Loop, improving RAMS integrity. Join the next generation of RAMS Risk Simulation.


Understand the functional nature of a system, identify and understand how failures occur step by step with a Digital Risk Twin. This alllows engineers to make cost effective design changes, at the earliest possible stage of design, that can ensure the reliablity of your asset.

PHM Technology
We're RAMS People

About PHM Technology

At PHM Technology we are RAMS people first and foremost. We live and breathe RAMS for complex, safety & mission critical organisations on a journey to better quality outcomes. We have pioneerd the shift-left for maintenance design, commercialising 35 plus years of experience in Maintenance Aware Engineering Design that we have encapsulated in our software Ecosystems.

As experienced engineers we have developed market leading model-based technology, the MADE & MODE Software Platforms. Our software platforms create and utilise Digital RAMS Twins and Causation-based AI to deliver solutions that solve real engineering challenges.

Our software is unique in the way it digitalises RAMS and integrates this data into the design and operation phases of assets, delivering a better quality product not achievable through other means.

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