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7th DSTO International Conference on Health and Usage Monitoring (HUMS2011)


Feb 28 - Mar 3
Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Jacek Stecki will be presenting a paper on: "Optimization of PHM System for Electronic Assemblies Using Maintenance Aware Design environment Software"

Increasingly, mechanical devices whether fixed systems, land vehicles, marine vehicles (including submarines) or aircraft (including helicopters), are being managed using various Condition Monitoring (CM) or Condition- Based Maintenance (CBM) approaches. All these approaches rely on health (condition) and usage monitoring systems and are most suited to ensuring availability, reliability and safety of critical and high-value assets.

The DSTO series of International Conferences on Health and Usage Monitoring is an established conference in this area and has been run in conjunction with every Australian International Air Show since 1999. Since 2005, it has also formed part of the Australian International Aerospace Congress.

Accordingly, HUMS2011 will form part of the Fourteenth Australian International Aerospace Congress (AIAC14) to be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre, and will include sessions at the Australian International Air Show.

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