PHM Tech09

PHM Technology (PHMT) this week attended the PHM Tech09 conference in Huntsville, Alabama.

The conference was organised by the US Army Research development Engineering Command (RDECOM) Mobility & Logistics (M/L) Technology Focus Team (TFT) and the Aviation Missile Research Development Engineering Center (ARMDEC) Diagnostic and Prognostic Centre of Excellence (DP - COE), who provide coordination, planning, advocacy, and assessment of diagnostic and prognostic research and technology development activities throughout the DoD.

The focus of the conference was to build strategic alliances / partnerships with all Army Research and Development Centers and Laboratories, NASA Labs and Field Centers, other COE's, industry, academia, other Government agencies, and international partners.

PHMT's MADe software is an advanced technology that provides engineering tools and analysis to meet military diagnostics and prognostic program requirements.

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