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PHMT to present at ISSEC

CEO Chris Stecki will present on "Design for Support" at theImproving Systems and Software Engineering Conference (ISSEC) incorporating SEPGSM Asia-Pacific Conference, being held in Melbourne, Australia, 15-16 August 2012. For further information on ISSEC please see:http://www.issec.com.au/


Optimising the supportability of a system is more cost effective and efficient if conducted during the design phase rather than addressing it once the system is in production and the design is 'frozen'. Furthermore, as the system matures and evolves, supportability considerations and requirements should be updated to reflect design or operational changes but this is not always conducted.

The presentation outlines a model based approach for the generation of relevant system design data and information required for understanding supportability costs and risks concurrently through the system engineering process. Potential benefits that accrue from this approach include design optimisation; configuration management of the associated engineering modeling and analysis (such as reliability and availability calculations); and the capacity to make better decisions on how to optimise the availability and supportability of a system.

For a copy of the presentation please go tohttp://www.phmtechnology.com/resources/presentations.html

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