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PHMT presents at 2013 Airworthiness & Sustainment Conference in Australia

PHM Technology presented a paper on Configuration Management of the Maintenance Approach of Aerospace Platforms and Systems at the Aircraft Airworthiness and Sustainment Conference in Brisbane, Australia 23-25 July, 2013.

Around 70% of the lifecycle cost of an aircraft is taken up by its sustainment and in the current fiscal environment it is more important than ever to ensure that airworthiness and sustainability are managed as efficiently, and pro-actively, as possible. As always, there are many variables to consider: ageing of materials, impacts of increased operations, lack of retained knowledge resulting in poor decision making, obsolescence and integrity of spares, improved testing techniques, changing mission types or hangar environments, the emergence of previously unknown problems, and the list goes on. Change is continual and adapting to it is vital.
This event is supported by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), and as always, guest speakers will include representatives from the sister AA&S Conference in the US, reflecting an ongoing collaborative relationship with our allies in the airworthiness, ageing aircraft and sustainment community.

The AAS cponference is organised by"Ageing Aircraft Australia Pty Ltd" (AAAPL) whose mission is to contribute through the annual Australian Aircraft Airworthiness and Sustainment (AA&S) Conference and its established collaborative relationships within the aerospace community, on a not-for-profit basis, and with no commercial bias, towards improving the safety, airworthiness, availability and cost-effectiveness of both our military and commercial aircraft fleets.

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