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Defence Engineering Internship completed

Defence Engineering Internship completed at PHM Technology

5th DEIP completion at PHM Technology

September 19th, 2016

PHM Technology (PHMT) is proud to announce the successful completion of its fifth Defence Engineering Internship Program (DEIP) by Jack Heydon, an Electronic Engineering student at Latrobe University in Melbourne, Australia.

"DEIP is a great program that exposes Australian engineering graduates to how their skills can be utilised in Defence." said PHMT CEO Mr Chris Stecki. "The opportunity for the students to apply their knowledge to defence related projects provides them with 'real world' experience of the complexity involved with the mission-critical systems that are used by Defence."

DEIP is sponsored by the Australian Department of Defence in order to market the defence industry in Australia to engineering undergraduates as a viable career path. Managed by the Australian Industry and Defence Network (AIDN) and AITEC Corporate Education & Consulting (AITEC), the program is now in its 5th year of operation.

About DEIP

DEIP is a program funded by the Australian Department of Defence to increase engineering students' level of interest and participation in defence industry, particularly with SMEs. The program pairs up to 30 selected engineering students for 12 week internships with selected defence industry SMEs from around Australia and provides Australian defence SMEs with the opportunity to market the defence industry as an innovative, interesting and viable career path to engineering students who undertake a sponsored work placement in their firm. The program attracts high performing engineering students and exposes them to defence work. With better capability, defence SMEs are better placed for commercial success in an increasingly competitive global market place.

For more information about DEIP visit: https://www.aitec.edu.au/deip/

About PHM Technology

PHM Technology (PHMT) is the Australian engineering software company that develops the Maintenance Aware Design environment (MADe). MADe is a model-based engineering decision support solution that provides the integrated analyses required to conduct engineering risk management during design and sustainment of complex systems. MADe is used by aerospace, marine and defence organisations in Australia, China, UK, Turkey and the US. In 2016 the Venture Capital Unit of Siemens became a shareholder in PHMT.

For more information about PHMT visit: http://www.phmtechnology.com.

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