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NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center chooses MADe for Reliability and Safety analysis


Melbourne, May 17, 2018

Australian software developer PHM Technology (PHMT) announced today that its MADe solution will be used at NASA Goddard to conduct Reliability and Safety analysis for NASA programs.


NASA represents the leading edge of design for safety/mission critical systems operating in the harshest of environments - space. With the increasing complexity of space-ready systems and the constant pressure on the cost and schedule of the associated design and certification processes, NASA is transitioning to the use of model-based tools to optimize the mission assurance of its systems.


PHMT CEO Mr Chris Stecki said: “NASA is recognized globally as the benchmark for the quality of engineering processes to design and operate complex systems. PHM Technology looks forward to working with NASA to ensure that MADe continues to enable efficiency and productivity improvements for NASA programs based on MADe’s model-based solution and integrated analysis toolchain“.


About NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, plays a pivotal role across all aspects of the agency’s missions, from development to de-orbit.

More than 50 Goddard spacecraft explore Earth and soar through the solar system, collecting observations to be parsed and studied by scientists around the world. Goddard’s missions support multiple scientific disciplines, including Earth science, solar science and the Sun-Earth environment, planetary studies and astrophysics.

Goddard is the operational home of the venerable Hubble Space Telescope, studies the tenuous atmosphere of Mars with MAVEN and the Red Planet’s surface with instruments aboard the Curiosity rover; surveys the moon with LRO and watches our sun with the Solar Dynamics Observatory; while GPM, Landsat and a host of other satellites monitor Earth and our changing climate.


About PHM Technology

PHM Technology (PHMT) is the Australian engineering software company that develops the Maintenance Aware Design environment (MADe). MADe is a model-based engineering decision support solution that digitizes the RAMS function and provides the integrated analyses required to conduct engineering risk management for the bid, design and sustainment of complex systems.

MADe is used by aerospace, marine and defence organizations in Asia, Europe and the US. In 2016 PHM Technology signed an OEM Agreement with Siemens PLM Software to distribute MADe globally. For more information visit: http://www.phmtechnology.com.

Contact: Francis Meekattukulam,

Marketing Specialist

PHM Technology

E: Francis.meekattukulam@phmtechnology.com

T: +61 470372624

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Author: PHM Technology | Phm Technology

PHM Technology is an advanced engineering company that is committed to developing ‘model-based’ engineering tools

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