MADE licences

MADE is available to different users based on their specific circumstances and requirements.

All MADE licenses are provided on an annual basis and entitle the user to receive all upgrades and improvements to MADE that are released during the license period.

MADE is licensed on a per module basis or as the full suite of modules available at that time.

Pricing is available upon application, please contact us.

Basic License

The MADE Basic license is available to enterprises (including commercial and government organisations) upon payment of the Standard Charge.

Each MADE Basic license entitles the organisation to allow up to 3 concurrent users of a MADE module simultaneously, based on a floating network license.

The MADE Basic license authorizes access to materials, resources and tools in the Support section of the PHM Technology website. Additional support and training is available on request.

Enterprise Licence

Where an organisation requires more than three concurrent users for a module of MADE, an Enterprise license is provided that based on the expected number of users.

Academic Licence

The MADE Academic license is available at no charge to the staff and students of all universities, colleges or other academic institutions for educational, academic, teaching or research purposes.

PHM Technology encourages MADE academic users to share access to any models of components, assemblies or systems that they create with PHM Technology so these can be shared with other MADE users.

Please note: the MADE Academic license is not available for use in funded research projects.