MADe for Reliability

Using reliability analyses to inform the design and service plan

The Problem: Reliability is an increasingly important factor in source selection and a key determinant in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Therefore, OEMs need to ensure they can efficiently set and manage the reliability of a design in a controlled, consistent and traceable process at each stage of the product lifecycle. Problems arise when reliability analysis is milestone driven, rather than configuration managed with the design configuration.

Solution: MADe RAM provides a model-based solution that combines capabilities for Reliability Allocation, Reliability Block Diagrams and Reliability / Availability Analysis with multiple failure distribution methodologies. MADe RAM enables engineers to generate design and service recommendations at each stage of the product lifecycle based on simulation analysis that can be aligned with the specific design state / operational configuration.

Key Benefits

  • Evaluation of reliability and availability of a system across the product lifecycle
  • A quantitative basis for maintenance scheduling and costing
  • Apportioned reliability targets based upon system target or goal
  • Identification of poor performing items that do not meet reliability targets

Key Features

  • Reliability Allocation
  • Reliability Block Diagram modelling and analysis
  • Fault Tree Analysis (functional and hardware)
  • Poor Performers List
  • Comparison of system reliability states based on alternate design configurations

How to manage reliability analyses to inform decisions in a quality design process?

Figure 1: Reliability Block Diagram

Why use MADe for reliability?

MADe is a model-based integrated toolset that generates reliability analyses from the system model, allowing for real-time, contextual analysis to keep track of the design reliability.

How does MADe optimize reliability analysis?

Mapping a system functionally allows the impacts of failures to be analysed as they propagate through the system. MADe as a model-based simulation tool streamlines the development of reliability targets.

What does MADe provide in the reliability domain?

Management of reliability and availability data captured in the MADe modelling framework for the generation of key design outputs:

  • Allocated reliability targets to advise design & acquisition
  • Current reliability data that is analysed through the RBD and compared against targets
  • Key degraders are identified based on comparison against targets or relative impact upon the system reliability
  • The RBD Analysis can be reviewed using a top-down Hardware-based FTA
  • Subsequent analyses can be generated to generate maintenance plans and optimise maintenance including; Classic RCM, Backfit RCM and Maintenance Cost Estimates

So what?

Using MADe as a reliability tool:

  • Optimize overall system availability and reliability across the expected life
  • Provides a framework for managing reliability data across the product lifecycle
  • Automatically generate key design reliability outputs

How does MADe support reliability analysis over product lifecycle?

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