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70th Annual RAMS Symposium & Conference Presentations


The 70th RAMS Symposium was held at Albuquerque New Mexico Jan 2024. PHM Technology continues to be the major (Platinum) sponsor and will continue that tradition for the 2025 conference (71st RAMS). The 70th RAMS Symposium was another well run conference by RAMS committee and brought together a collaborative sharing of RAMS related knowledge amongst it's delegates.

The Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS®) is the premier event in the reliability, availability, and maintainability engineering disciplines. Combining tutorials, presentations, CEUs, certifications, and networking into one week-long program, the RAMS® delivers cutting edge information to all technical industries.

PHM Technology's presentation @ RAMS 2024 

PRESENTATION: Exploratory Data Analysis for Failure Detection and Isolation in Complex Systems.

  • Data in the field of RAMS and CBM • What is EDA?
  • An approach to applying EDA
  • Summary

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Author: PHMT - Peter Lucas | CMO of PHM Technology

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