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JSF contract awarded to PHM Technology

July 1, 2006

PHM Technology has been awarded a 2.4 year contract to develop the Aerospace PHM Software Tool [APST] for the next generation Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) - "Lightning II".

The APST is expected to provide enhanced health management capability to the JSF including an easily updatable FMECA database generation tool; automated sensor selection, fusion and coverage analysis; and advanced fault detection and isolation (FDI).

The project is scheduled for commencement in 2007 and will be renewed annually based on the recommendations of the JSF Project Office and feedback from the prime contractors developing the JSF.

The Aerospace PHM Software Tool is based on the MADe software that has been developed by PHM Technology since 1999.

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Author: PHM Technology | Phm Technology

PHM Technology is an advanced engineering company that is committed to developing ‘model-based’ engineering tools

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