Establish Life Cycle Costs For A Bid / Proposal

(Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle)


  • The OEM was preparing a bid for the production and sustainment of a Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV) at an agreed level of operational capability and availability (Readiness).
  • The OEM required a solution to analyse alternative maintenance approaches to optimize the affordability of its platform, in the context of the specified operational usage (mission profile) and environments of the customer.
  • The OEM required a means of validating and communicating their analysis to the customer (Defence).


The results of the project included:

  1. Analysis solution to model the impact of mission profile / operating environment on maintenance costs
  2. Identified potential poor performers in the system based on assumed system reliability
  3. Proposed maintenance actions given a system reliability
  4. Validation of sustainment approach
  5. A knowledge base of failures and maintenance actions that the OEM can reuse across the life of the platform / contract


The OEM analysed the maintenance records for the platform to identify components that were failing more frequently than expected, and used MADe to:

  1. Generate a MADe model of the CRV platform
  2. Define the expected Mission Profiles / Operating Environments
  3. Calculate the expected reliability of the systems
  4. Identify the maintenance requirements for the design configuration
  5. Conduct trade studies to optimize Readiness and Affordability of the CRV platform based on the impact of configuration / mission profile / operating environment on maintenance costs
  6. Conduct technical validation for the recommended maintenance approach
  7. Calculate expected maintenance costs of the platform
  8. Maintain a knowledge base of failures and associated maintenance actions that can be reused across the life of the platform / contract


MADe was used to generate the following deliverables:

Charting the failures

Graphically represents failure contributors

Reliability Analysis

Sets a reliability for the system to analyse MTTF

Reliability Block Diagrams

Reliability Block Diagrams of the systems (to identify PP components)


FMEA report for the systems (automatically) generated from the MADe model)

Maintenance Cost Estimate

Provides sustainment parameters to conduct sustainment analysis


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Establish Life Cycle Costs For A Bid / Proposal