Presentations that have been given by PHM Technology and its associates on the MADE solution or on issues that are impacted by the MADE solution.


RAMS Symposium 2024


Land Forces 2022
PHM Society US 2022

Why PHM Is Not Just A Data Science Problem? (PPT - 25MB)
Presented at PHM Society US 2022

ADSTAR Summit 2022
ISSC Safety Data Conference 2022
 ISSC-2022 Safety Data - Needles in the Haystack (12.7MB)
Realize Live 2022
Improving the benefits of MER (PDF - 1.5MB)
Presented at SAE DOD Maintenance SymposiumNovember 2012
Design for Support (PDF - 1.8MB)
Presented at ISEEC in MelbourneAugust 2012
A model based approach to sustainment (PDF - 496kb)
Presented to Royal Australian Navy October 2011
A model based approach (PDF - 385kb)
Presented at Fielded Systems Panel, PHM Society conferenceSeptember 2011
Using model based PHM design to establish a business case (PDF - 840kb)
Presented at Affordability / ROI Benefits Panel, IEEE PHM Conference June 2011
Reducing Sustainability Costs using PHM (PDF - 1MB)
Presented to Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO)March 2011
The Rise and Fall of CBM (PDF - 2.9MB)
Presented at NATO RTO Workshop, “Implementation of Condition Based Maintenance" October 2010
Challenges and Issues for enhancing and maturing PHM (PDF - 1.3MB)
Presented at IEEE Aerospace Conference March 2010
Introduction to MADe software (PDF - 246kb)
Presented at HUMS Conference February 2009