Presentations that have been given by PHM Technology and its associates on the MADe solution or on issues that are impacted by the MADe solution.

                              AA&S Conference - Washington 2019
                                   A simulation-based approach to mitigate divergence in
                                   military sustainment budgets (PDF - 1.5MB)
                                   ADM Conference, February 2013
Improving the benefits of MER (PDF - 1.5MB)
SAE DOD Maintenance Symposium, November 2012
Design for Support (PDF - 1.8MB)
Presented at ISEEC in Melbourne, August 2012
A model based approach to sustainment (PDF - 496kb)
Presented to Royal Australian Navy, October 2011
A model based approach (PDF - 385kb)
Presented at Fielded Systems Panel, PHM Society conference, September 2011
Using model based PHM design to establish a business case (PDF - 840kb)
Presented at Affordability / ROI Benefits Panel, IEEE PHM Conference June 2011
Reducing Sustainability Costs using PHM (PDF - 1MB)
Presented to Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) in March 2011
The Rise and Fall of CBM (PDF - 2.9MB)
Presented at NATO RTO Workshop, “Implementation of Condition Based Maintenance, October 2010
Challenges and Issues for enhancing and maturing PHM (PDF - 1.3MB)
Presented at IEEE Aerospace Conference, March 2010
Introduction to MADe software (PDF - 246kb)
Presented at HUMS Conference, February 2009