Aviation companies operate with global design, supply, build and service processes; under accelerated system upgrade and enhancement timelines; in an industry moving to performance based contracting. Increasingly significant economic and reputation impacts are linked to system reliability and through-life costs.

MADE provides a consolidated modelling and analysis solution that results in improved data quality from suppliers and ‘a single point of truth’ system model that is easier to integrate with on-going configuration management processes

There is a requirement to utilize engineering tools that have the appropriate data quality, usability, integrity, currency and knowledge capture capabilities to ensure accurate engineering modelling and analysis.


1. Executive level

Cost: optimize / validate the accuracy of economic forecasting for design / support budgets

Process: ensure consistency and traceability of engineering validation for corporate engineering processes

Technical: integrate safety, reliability and supportability engineering analysis tools and data with the enterprise IT architecture (CAD / PLM)

2. Manager level

Cost: automation of analysis in MADE generates significant productivity / schedule improvements for a project and/or team

Process: parallel / concurrent analyses based on a single source of truth (the MADE model) ensures consistency between different functional groups / silos

Technical: leverage GUI based knowledge management on engineering decisions across the program lifecycle

3. Engineer / Analyst level

Cost: enable cost-effective trade studies, automation of analysis in MADE enables engineers to focus on technical decision making rather than data entry

Process: ensure technically validated design / support concepts are generated based on a consistent, extensible analysis framework

Technical: integrated analysis solution ensures data quality & process consistency for analyses

4. Academic (Research)

Cost: model-based simulation and automation of analysis in MADE ensures researchers can focus their efforts on investigation of outcomes rather than data entry

Process: structured model / taxonomy and automation ensures traceability of data used to support research projects

Technical: integrated analysis solution ensures data quality & process consistency for analyses