Design for CBM

(Military Aircraft Engine)


  • The OEM is developing a next generation turbine engine for military aircraft.
  • The OEM requires an analysis solution to assess the combination of sensors required to enable diagnostics / prognostics and health management of the system, and establish the business case for a Condition Based approach to maintenance.
  • The OEM requires a means of validating the capability of the diagnostic design to the customer.


An analysis solution for the OEM that provides:

  1. Identification and validation of legacy diagnostic system coverage
  2. Identification of potential options to increase system coverage by introducing new sensor locations
  3. Sensors allocation based on user defined parameters and restrictions to enable maximal coverage
  4. Identification of diagnostic rules to enable isolation of faults (Ambiguity resolution)
  5. Propagation tables to detect component responses


The OEM analysed the maintenance records for the platform to identify components that were failing more frequently than expected, and used MADe to:

  1. Generate a MADe model of the engine and its expected mission profile/s
  2. Generate FMECA to identify / document critical failure modes for the system
  3. Assess inherent diagnostic capability (coverage) of the system (incl. BIT, control sensors)
  4. Identify additional sensors required to cover all critical / nominated failure modes
  5. Select appropriate sensors for nominated diagnostic solutions
  6. Compare the metrics for alternate diagnostic solutions (cost, weight, reliability)
  7. Select the optimal diagnostic solution (efficacy & business case)
  8. Generate diagnostic rules (model-based) for each failure mode


MADe was used to generate the following deliverables:

Functional block diagram

Functional block diagram of the selected systems

PHM Coverage

Generation of sensor sets

Diagnostic rules

Identifies failures based on sensor response


Automatically generated from the MADe model to identify critical failure modes

Sensor Set Comparison

Allows users to compare sensor sets parameters (coverage, size, weight, cost)


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Design for CBM