Shrinking national defence budgets, increasingly complex and integrated systems, and the push for Performance Based Contracting combine to challenge the existing design and sustainment methodologies for defence systems and equipment.

MADe offers an integrated engineering capability that captures and analyses the technical data that is used to support key defence activities including system design, system acquisition, continuous improvement and life extension for air, land or naval systems.

  • are effective CBM capabilities to optimise sustainment demonstrated in the system design?
  • does the system design meet the contracted supportability goals?
  • does the unmanned vehicle have the necessary health management capabilities to optimise system availability?
  • what are the optimal engineering changes that can be made to a legacy system to mitigate operational defects or issues?


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MADe for Bid & Proposal Development MADe for Design MADe for Sustainment


1. Executive level

Cost: optimize / validate the accuracy of economic forecasting for design / support budgets

Process: ensure consistency and traceability of engineering validation for corporate engineering processes

Technical: integrate safety, reliability and supportability engineering analysis tools and data with the enterprise IT architecture (CAD / PLM)

2. Manager level

Cost: automation of analysis in MADe generates significant productivity / schedule improvements for a project and/or team

Process: parallel / concurrent analyses based on a single source of truth (the MADe model) ensures consistency between different functional groups / silos

Technical: leverage GUI based knowledge management on engineering decisions across the program lifecycle

3. Engineer / Analyst level

Cost: enable cost-effective trade studies, automation of analysis in MADe enables engineers to focus on technical decision making rather than data entry

Process: ensure technically validated design / support concepts are generated based on a consistent, extensible analysis framework

Technical: integrated analysis solution ensures data quality & process consistency for analyses

4. Academic (Research)

Cost: model-based simulation and automation of analysis in MADe ensures researchers can focus their efforts on investigation of outcomes rather than data entry

Process: structured model / taxonomy and automation ensures traceability of data used to support research projects

Technical: integrated analysis solution ensures data quality & process consistency for analyses