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PHM Technology a Gold Sponsor of RAMS 2011

PHM Technology is pleased to announce that it will be a Gold Sponsor at The Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS 2011) in Orlando Florida from January 24-27, 2011.

Explaining why they are sponsoring the conference, CEO Chris Stecki said "The engineers in the RAM community are key users of MADe as they are often involved at the concept stage of the design process with trade studies, then they are responsible for integrating the failure analysis results that are generated by the supply chain. This is our second year at RAMS and we are committed to engaging with the RAM community and becoming a standard industry tool for their analysis."

RAMS 2011 is the premier event in the reliability, availability, and maintainability engineering disciplines. The MADe software suite provides engineering tools and analysis to meet the specific requirements of engineers working in these fields.

Further details available at: rams.org

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Author: PHM Technology | Phm Technology

PHM Technology is an advanced engineering company that is committed to developing ‘model-based’ engineering tools

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