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PHM Technology wins JSF research grant

MELBOURNE, Australia, October 19, 2017


Leading Australian engineering software developer PHM Technology (PHMT) has been awarded funding from the NACC-ISP to extend the PHM capabilities of its Maintenance Aware Design environment (MADe) software.


The Australian Departments of Defence (DoD) and Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS) deliver and manage the New Air Combat Capability – Industry Support Program (NACC-ISP). It aims to help Australian defence industry businesses to improve their capability, competitiveness and capacity for innovation with regard to the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) project.


The Maintenance Aware Design environment (MADe) software provides a model-based decision analysis supporting engineering decisions on safety, reliability, maintenance and diagnostics at every stage of the product lifecycle.


PHMT are developing an extension to MADe to provide ‘Diagnostics & Prognostics Health Management’ supporting enhanced diagnostic design and evaluation that can provide early warnings of failures in complex systems such as advanced turbomachinery. This breakthrough will enhance system health knowledge, performance optimization leading to lower cost of ownership of complex costly equipment and systems.


PHM Technology CEO Mr Chris Stecki said: “MADe provides unique engineering analysis capabilities that mean the designer can ensure the Prognostic Health Management capability of a system is considered and optimized at each stage of the design process, including upgrades.”


“The NACC ISP grant will enable PHM Technology to develop a leading edge solution that can be utilized on aerospace systems such as the JSF, but also provides compelling value to other industries around the world that design and operate complex safety / mission critical systems.”


“We expect that the extension project will result in analysis capabilities in MADe that can enable our customers to optimize the Prognostic Health Management of current and next generation military and commercial engine designs.”



About PHM Technology

PHM Technology (PHMT) is the Australian engineering software company that develops the Maintenance Aware Design environment (MADe) software. MADe is a model-based engineering decision support solution that provides the integrated analyses required to conduct engineering risk management during design and sustainment of complex systems. MADe is used by aerospace, marine and defence organisations in Australia, UK and the US. In 2016 PHM Technology signed an OEM Agreement with Siemens PLM Software to distribute MADe globally. For more information visit: http://www.phmtechnology.com.


Contact: Mr Chris Stecki, CEO PHM Technology.

Mr Stecki is available for interview and meetings. E: cstecki@phmtechnology.com

T: +61 (3) 9482 2007

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PHM Technology is an advanced engineering company that is committed to developing ‘model-based’ engineering tools

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