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RAMS 2022 Symposium/Conference Presentations


The RAMS 2022 Symposium (68th) was held at El Conquistador Tucson, Tucson, Arizona between Jan 24 - 27, 2022 with PHM Technology the major sponsor.  As COVID has restricted attendance for some in the industry we have made our presentations available for you to download. 

The Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS®) is the premier event in the reliability, availability, and maintainability engineering disciplines. Combining tutorials, presentations, CEUs, certifications, and networking into one week-long program, the RAMS® delivers cutting edge information to all technical industries.


PRESENTATION 1: Explainable AI in RAMS

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives engineers the ability to identify failures, manage useful life and optimize maintenance to better improve Mission Assurance of a system.
  • Understanding or clarity in the AI output begins to be challenged.
  • Today’s AI provides users with outputs without much context around the prediction.
  • Explainable AI or XAI aims to resolve the issue of a ‘black box’ in Machine Learning (ML).

Download Presentation (Explainable AI in RAMS - 15.4MB)


PRESENTATION 1: Digital Risk Twin Driven Simheuristic for Maintenance Optimization

  • A discrete-event simulation (DES) models the operation of a system as a (discrete) sequence of events in time.
  • DES is a digital test rig.
  • The quality of the output is based on the quality of the input and assumptions made.

Download the Presentation (Digital Risk Twin Driven Simheuristic for Maintenance Optimization - 52.2MB)


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Author: PHMT - Chris Stecki | CEO of PHM Technology

Chris has over 15 years experience in the RAMS space & engineering industry.

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