Development Methodology

PHMT has an on-going, continuous development program to expand the capability of the MADE solution and optimise its usability.

A Technology Road Map is maintained that identifies the key priorities for development and their expected duration and scheduling. The Technology Road Map is developed on the basis of:

  • direct customer feedback: functionality that is requested by an existing or potential customer
  • internal research: technical functionality that is developed by PHMT that provides technical extensions and functionality advantages to the MADE solution
  • market analysis: functionality that is identified by PHMT management that will strengthen the value of the MADE solution (for example: Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that enable integration with widely used IT applications such as Siemens Teamcenter)

PHMT has a full time internal team of engineering and IT development resources to support its Technology Road Map. Development is based on established IT design and production processes and procedures that ensure the integrity of the MADE solution is maintained for its customers.

Product improvements are version controlled and released periodically in order to minimise the associated implementation costs for customers with an internal IT department. Each version for release includes a summary of the changes included and notes any potential impacts on existing projects that have previously been developed in MADE.

In the event that specific functionality is developed in response to a customer request or corrective actions are required, a version of the software will be released at completion of the associated development process.