Our partners are a key component of the strength of the MADE solution to ensure that MADE can improve the quality of your business processes and achieve significant cost & risk reductions.

PHM Technology has a range of strategic partnerships with organisations that can add value to the MADE solution, ranging from technology partners to solution providers that will optimise the implementation and outputs of MADe in your organisation.

PHM Technology is always interested to partner with organisations that can extend and improve the benefits of the MADE solution. Please contact us to become one of our partners.

OEM Partners

OEM Partners are key organizations who help us create, sell & support the PHM Ecosystem: MADE & MODE platforms/solutions.






Siemens AG is a German multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Munich and the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe with branch offices abroad.


Channel Partners

Channel Partners include distributors, resellers and referral partners who sell the MADE solution around the globe and provide local assistance including systems integration and product training.

AFuzion is PHM Technologies aviation certification partner. AFuzion's expertise has infused the majority of the world's aircraft and aviation system development with improved engineering, safety, efficiency, and certification. They provide ARP4754A and ARP4761 Training and Certification Services: ARP4754A Introduction whitepaper

Solution Partners

Our Solution Partners offer industry specific experience and understanding of the systems relevant to our customers and have the necessary clearances to work within restricted environments such as Defence.

MADE Solution Partners can assist customers with the scoping, development and implementation of MADE for specific projects or programs.

Our solution partners have the relevant subject matter expertise and significant experience in their industry domain to provide a range of services to optimise and accelerate the implementation of MADE ranging from model development and validation to analysis and report generation.


Technology Partners

Technology Partners offer software applications that extend, leverage and add value to the functionality of the MADE solution.

PHM Technology understands that no software works in isolation and therefore actively seeks to align with the leading software vendors to optimize:

  • application interoperability
  • technology integration
  • infrastructure compatibility

Academic Partners

Academic Partners are globally recognised universities and research organisations that use MADE and are engaged in active research into technologies and processes that are impacted by the MADE solution including health management, through-life support and engineering process optimisation.

PHM Technology works with leading academics globally working in those sectors of engineering that relate to design, reliability, condition based maintenance and system health management.

MADE is available to researchers in recognised organisations around the world to support basic academic and advanced research programs.

MADE is available to educators and students as an education support tool that offers ‘best practice’ modelling and integrated analysis capabilities.