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"Design for IoT" Webinar by Siemens and PHM technology

Melbourne, October 16, 2018


A webinar on “Design for IoT” was organized by Siemens in conjunction with PHM Technology and Taxal on the 6th of October.

PHM Technology CEO Chris Stecki, Siemens Product Manager Mark Sampson and Taxal Managing Director Allan Behrens had a discussion on how to better design and engineer complex products to get relevant measurements and data out, by making sure the right sensors are in the right places to give the information/coverage in a safe and reliable way. The session discussed the fundamental engineering challenges associated with designing surprise-free complex industrial IoT projects, describe the inherent ‘waste’ and limitations of current IoT development processes, and outline the advantages of a Lean approach to IoT design using model-based engineering analysis and techniques.

Please follow the following link for a recording of the conversation.



About Siemens PLM

Siemens PLM Software is a computer software company specializing in 3D & 2D Product Lifecycle Management software, and the owner of MindSphere - an open cloud platform or “IoT operating system” for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Siemens PLM iunit of Siemens, and is headquartered in Plano, Texas.

Further information on Siemens PLM is available at www.plm.automation.siemens.com/global/en/.


About Taxal

Taxal focuses on delivering value and profit and act as trusted advisors to many in the IT industry. the company works with the press, venture capital organisations, government bodies, suppliers and users of IT products and services and leverage a highly experienced worldwide associate network to deliver additional or specialist knowledge, industry competence and geographic coverage.

For more information visit: www.taxal.com


About PHM Technology

PHM Technology (PHMT) is the Australian engineering software company that develops the Maintenance Aware Design environment (MADe). MADe is a model-based engineering decision support solution that digitizes the RAMS function and provides the integrated analyses required to conduct engineering risk management for the bid, design and sustainment of complex systems.

MADe is used by aerospace, marine and defence organizations in Asia, Europe and the US. In 2016 PHM Technology signed an OEM Agreement with Siemens PLM Software to distribute MADe globally. For more information visit: www.phmtechnology.com.



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PHM Technology is an advanced engineering company that is committed to developing ‘model-based’ engineering tools

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